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2014-02-27 23:50:00
  Hydrocodone Review
Takes the edge of the pain. Gets less and less effective

2014-02-27 23:24:49
  Depakote Review
Hated it. Gained weight. Lethargic. Moody. Depressed. Nasty medicine and I refuse to ever take it again.

2014-02-27 23:18:38
  Ritalin Review
took as young child to adolecents, beware...if you have hormonal change, this drug may have addversive effects

2014-02-27 22:23:23
  Niaspan Extended-Release Review
If you take this medication right before bedtime and you fall asleep quickly you can sleep through the symptoms. But if you awaken within 2 - 4 hours then the flushing, burning and itching is terrible. I also experienced a fainting spell one night when I got up. If you drink ANY alcohol it will greatly increase the side effects, even a small glass of wine with your evening meal. It has been too early to tell if it is lowering triglycerides.

2014-02-27 22:19:35
  Vicodin Review
It worked the first day after root canal , second day I am in so much pain I can't even begin to explain.No help at all!

2014-02-27 21:44:41
  Ambien Review
ambien this was very effective for me. i didn't feel lethargic in the morning. i feel asleep gently and woke feeling really rested.i slept for at least 6 hours. i usually only get a maximun of about 4. i also tried valerian which was just as effective for me but for some strange reason i began to itch after a few days. i talked to the herbalist and she told me i must have some type of allergy to valerian. this has never happened to me with anything else and i really regretted this.

2014-02-27 21:42:12
  Zoloft Review
Made shit worse once I tried to stop from it cold turkey....

2014-02-27 21:25:08
  Lamictal Review
I had an immediate allergic reaction to it and was taken off.

2014-02-27 21:15:59
  Ritalin Review
It worked, but that was back before the narcolepsy set in and it was for adhd.

2014-02-27 21:12:41
  Wellbutrin Review
Made me feel very disconnected from everything

2014-02-27 21:05:30
  Flomax Review
I took Flomax three years. It caused pain in my chest and back it caused loss of energy had to take naps everyday and weakness mostly on my left side all have improved except some weakness when I quit Flowmax 10 weeks ago.Symptoms started 6 months after starting drug.and were miss diagnoised for everything from ulcer to parkinsons.

2014-02-27 20:35:18
  Seroquel Review
small amount (25mgs) for SLEEP. Works great, side effects are munchies and morning drowsiness.

2014-02-27 20:25:13
  Celexa Review

2014-02-27 20:21:12
  Nitroglycerin Review
it works when i have an attack it wont come back for serval months unless i do heavey work or get upset

2014-02-27 20:16:05
  Fioricet Review
no help at all

2014-02-27 19:51:09
  Clindamycin Review
Great Drug Unfortunatly I went from standard teenage acne to adult form that became resistant after about 5 years, this is usually not the case with a topical antibiotic and baffled my dermatoligist. I now use an oral anti-biotic (minocycline) that works moderatly well. My acne seems to be diminishing very slowly. I am close to 30 now and have hope still it will go away on its own! I highly recommend giving Dalicin T a shot, it just might work!

2014-02-27 19:48:10
  Paxil Review
This was my first medication, but it wasn't even close to the best thing that was out. My doctor was a nutjob. I'm also convinced this is part of the reason that I'm only 5'2"

2014-02-27 19:41:40
  Inderal Review
Inderal (propanolol) I find it to be very satisfactory (reduced my anxiety by 65%) versus drugs like Zoloft, Xanax, etc. besides it also helps my Bp to reduce it further. My BP is now 120/80.Unfortunately, I had stop taking the pill due to gastro-intestinal effect and diarrhea. I am on 4 mh of Xanax daily.

2014-02-27 19:35:03
  Advil Review
I love my Ibuprofen I have severe RA and I am awaiting TKA surgery. I take 5mg prednisone/day and 20mg methotrexate/week. I take Ibuprofen whenever I need to do do anything that requires walking on my extremely painful knees.

2014-02-27 19:21:33
  Tagamet Review
Worked a long time ago when I was originally put on meds but doesn't now.

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